How to Use JCB ServiceMaster 4 Diagnostic Tool

The diagnostics software tool is part of the JCB Servicemaster software suite.How to Set Up Servicemaster.The diagnostics software is designed to be an easy to use fault finding tool.


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Be sure to read and follow any on screen instructions.
Failure to follow correct procedure could result in death or injury.

Connecting the Diagnostics
To use Diagnostics your laptop computer must be connected to the machine CANbus. Connect Servicemaster to the Machine CANbus

Starting the Diagnostics
1 Turn ON the machine ignition and additionally start the engine if required (taking normal precautions).
2 Start JCB Servicemaster on the laptop computer.
How to Use JCB ServiceMaster 4 Diagnostic Tool (1)
3 Make sure that the correct DLA is selected in the chooser. Click on `Utilities’, DLA Setup. The DLA
Chooser window opens. Check the button to match to the Current Device. Click `Apply’..
How to Use JCB ServiceMaster 4 Diagnostic Tool (2)

Diagnostics Overview
There are several key elements to the diagnostics tool.
These can be seen labelled below. Each element is explained in detail in later sections.


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