NCS Expert program and coding guide

NCS Expert is simply a program used to read and write (program) parameters to a vehicle. Now,I will share you the methods  to read and write information to your bmw car module.

NCS Expert coding guide

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

Here comes the NCS Expert Guide:

Step 1:Select your Chassis type,it will tell NCS Expert what type of vehicle it is dealing with.And NCS Expert will retrieve your car’s VIN number.

Step 2: Select ECUs (CAS,FRM,or NFRM),it has become a common practice to just select the CAS modules.And NSC Expert will pull the your car’s VO(Vehicle Order).

Step 3: Choose a single module to code/read. Once read the ECU,NCS Expert will read a copy of module your selected,and information to the FSW_PSW.TRC file.

Step 4:Make a copy/backup of FSW_PSW.TRC & Rename File To FSW_PSW.MAN

Step 5:Open FSW_PSW.MAN File in Notepad and make coding change(i.e. Active/ deactivate features) to the file.

Step 6:Save the file.Once done making changes.

Step 7: Repeal Steps 1-3, and switch Jobname to SG CODIEREN.(verify the module to get coded isthe selected module).

Step 8: Excute Job.

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