How to remove car scratches on your car by toothpaste

It is unavoidable to get scratches, chip and other imperfections on your car. But you can make it invisible on you homemade way. Here we share the way easy step by step guide on how to fix, remove, fix a paint scratch on your by toothpaste .

How remove car scratch-4

Tool you need:

Toothpaste and sponge brush or duster cloth


Step 1:Squeeze the toothpaste on your car scratches. It need enough toothpaste on the scratches.

How remove car scratch-2

Step 2: Use sponge brush or duster cloth to scrub the scratches, it may take you several minutes, so you should pay patient to scrub each scratch.

How remove car scratch-3

How remove car scratch-4

At the end of article you can watch the video guide to get more detail about remove car scratches.

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