DIY:How to Remove ECU for Toyota FT86

This article show a guide on how to remove ECU for Toyota FT86.It is very easy for you to perform the ECU removal,and it take you about 15 minutes to complete it operations.


For some ECU chip tuning or immo data reading,you need to read out ECU data file,so you need to open the ECU cover,here is a article about: EDC16/EDC17/MED17 ECU Opening Guide (Try this project at your own risk!!!).And if you want to know more about Toyota projects,please check here:Toyota Trouble Repair


What You Need?
10mm crescent wrench (ratcheting preferred)
Needle nose pliers

The hardest part about this job is knowing where the ECU is, as well as working in an inverted position. The first few steps can be bypassed, but they allow a little more access to the ECU and bolts.

The ECU is located on the passenger side of the vehicle, right above the kick panel, behind the dash.

First, to get more light in remove the end piece from the dash. You can take it off by pulling up and away from the bottom. It’s held in by a few clips and comes off fairly easily

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Once that is off, you can pull this piece off it’s pegs. They will slip right out. If you can’t get them off easily, you will have another shot at it after the next step.

DIYHow to Remove ECU for Toyota FT86 (2)

If getting to the lower peg was hard for you, here’s your shot to get it.
To remove the glove box, Open it all the way, and then push the sides in towards the center just enough to get the tongue past the notch it rests in. There is one on either side. Once you get both of them out, the glovebox will pull straight out, off it’s hinge.

DIYHow to Remove ECU for Toyota FT86 (3)

At this point you will get your first glimpse of the ECU. From here you can use your needle nose pliers to unplug the ECU. Be careful here, I broke a piece of the plug release in the process.

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From this point we will move to our back. The ecu is mounted to the firewall at 2 points. Both bolts are 10mm, with a short clearance on the lower screw (circled in the top right of the picture below). If you have a 10mm ratcheting crescent this job is a breeze.

DIYHow to Remove ECU for Toyota FT86 (5)

The other screw is mounted higher up, You have a little more room to work here.

DIYHow to Remove ECU for Toyota FT86 (6)

Once the bolts are off you can just work the ecu out from around the harness, and Viola!

DIYHow to Remove ECU for Toyota FT86 (7)

Installation step is reverse of removal.

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