NCS Expert Coding modules with FSW_PSW.MAN trace manipulation file

The most common way of coding modules with NCS Expert is through FSW/PSW manipulation. To do so,read a trace file from the module you wish to change the coding of, load it in NCS Dummy, make the desired changes in the graphical trace editor and export the  FSW_PSW.MAN trace manipulation file. Then follow the instructions below to recode the module. If NCS Expert was still open after reading the trace file, start from step 12.

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

  1. Launch NCS Expert. At this moment no profile is loaded, so the screen is quite empty.
  2. From the “File” menu, choose “Load Profil”.
  3. In the “Choose profile” dialog box, select “NCS Dummy profile” and click “OK”. Nothing much happens, but you’ll notice some of the buttons on the bottom now have labels.
  1. Click the “VIN/ZCS/FA” button (F1). The button labels change once again.
  2. Click the “ZCS/FA f. ECU” button (F3).
  3. In the “Choose CHASSIS” dialog box, select your chassis and click “OK”.
  4. In the “Choose ECU” dialog box, select one of the presented modules (for example “CAS”, “EWS” or”EKM”) and click “OK”.
  5. After a short moment, the top groupbox should now show information regarding your car.
  6. Click the “Back” button (F6). The middle groupbox now shows the available modules and default jobname.
  7. Click the “Process ECU” button (F4).
  8. In the “Choose ECU” dialog box, select the desired module and click “OK”. Make sure the “FSW_PSW.MAN” manipulation file is for the same module.
  1. If “JOBNAME” in the middle groupbox already reads “SG_CODIEREN”, skip the following steps andjump to 16.
  2. Click the “Change job” button (F2).
  3. In the “Choose job” dialog box, select “SG_CODIEREN” and click “OK”. The default job action is nowcoding.
  4. Confirm “JOBNAME” in the middle groupbox says “SG_CODIEREN”.
  5. Click the “Execute job” button (F3). The process takes only seconds.


The module has been coded! Please note that some modules require the ignition to be switched off and on before the changes take effect. If you are happy with the result, keep a backup of  FSW_PSW.MAN for future reference.


When switching between chassis it is recommended to empty (not delete) the  FSW_PSW.MAN file after coding. Otherwise you may get strange errors when reading modules of another chassis. NCS Dummy can do this for you when closing the application and “Ask to empty trace manipulation file on exit” on the “Options” tab enabled.

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