BMW E60/E89 Digital Speed Display Coding (NCS Dummy & NCS Expert)

A frequently requested feature is a digital speed display in the instrument cluster. On certain BMW models like the E60 5 Series and E89 3 Series this just happens to very easy to enable. Function keyword “BC_DIGITAL_V” in the instrument cluster controls this feature.


What You Need For Coding Digital Speed

*1 BMW INPA or and other hardware can run it.(BMW ICOM)

*2 A laptop installed NCS Expert.

*3 NCS Dummy


First you need to:

Read the FSW_PSW.TRC trace file from the instrument cluster with NCS Expert

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

  1. Set the chassis.
  2. Set the module.
  3. Load the trace file either by clicking the “Browse…” button, dragging the file to the textbox or,

quicker, by choosing “Load FSW_PSW.TRC” from the button dropdown menu.

  1. Go to function “BC_DIGITAL_V” in the graphical trace editor. You can make use of the powerful find functionality (CTRL+F or magnifier button) to quickly locate keywords in the trace file. The function has parameter “nicht_aktiv” checked which in this case means the digital speed display is disabled. Tick the checkbox of parameter “aktiv” to enable the feature.
  2. Export your changes to the ¬†FSW_PSW.MAN trace manipulation file for NCS Expert: Click the “Export FSW/PSW” button and select “Export FSW_PSW.MAN” from the dropdown menu. If “Enable Quick Export” is ticked it suffices to simply click the “Export FSW/PSW” button to export the FSW_PSW.MAN trace manipulation file.

BMW E60/E89 Digital Speed Display Coding NCS Dummy & NCS Expert-1

Finally code the FSW_PSW.MAN trace manipulation file back to the instrument cluster with NCS Expert,Check below article:

Coding modules with FSW_PSW.MAN trace manipulation file

And you are done.

A simple change like this could be done with a plain text editor as well, but NCS Dummy makes the process easier, quicker and safer. For more advanced changes a plain text editor no longer suffices and NCS Dummy is the only way to achieve your goals. In fact, NCS Dummy allows you to achieve things that are otherwise simply impossible with NCS Expert! A more advanced example is given in the next chapter.

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