Simple Engine Modifications to Increase Horsepower

Every driver will feel the craving for some more power at some point, and there are a million ways to incresae horsepower. One of the most cost efficient routes to increasing engine power is to modify car engines. But what can you do? Here are 3 simple and cost-effective ways to modify your car to boost its performance.

Simple Engine Modifications to Increase Horsepower

1.ECU chip tunning

If you drive a car built after 1996, it is likely that there is an onboard computer on it, controlling such functions as ignition timing and the all-important fuel-to-air ratio. By using an ECU chip tuning tool, such as Carprog Full, you can easily improve it in the following 7 ways:


Less fuel consumption

Shorter spark timing relative to the piston position

Better electronic injection mixture

Wider rev limit

Shorter valve timing

Faster throttle progression

Faster idle speed


2.A clever air filter

Apart from buying an OBD2 tool, choosing the right air filter also matters. Air filters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Air filter with bigger holes can improve the passage of air without hurting the engine. You can find many air filters of this kind on the market. And because they are made of fabric, they are washable, which makes them an inexpensive investment.


3.An efficiency cold air intake ki

The temperature of the air can actually affect the efficiency of your car and prevent it from accelerating at some point. And a cold air intake kit that brings cool air into the internal combustion engine is quite necessary to regulate the temperature of air. Therefore, althouth this may seem like a small thing, it is actually a helpful trick to increase your horsepower.

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