BMW E39 EWS & CAS Module Coding by NCS Expert

In this instruction,i will show you guide on how to use NCS Expert to perform EWS & CAS coding for BMW E39.And for more NCS Expert cases,please check here:NCS Expert projects



NCS Expert BMW Coding Software Download

NCS Expert program and coding guide



1.When you run NCS Expert you will see the next screen. Select “file – load profile”


2.In next screen you must select “code control unit. allow ZCS reading” : (it means that you will able to read coding from any ECU for selected chassis and than write this readed coding to all other

ECU for selected chassis)


3.In the next screen you will see: (the CHASSIS FG FA (it the coding data) now is empty) And now we need to enter this data. In this screen please select (F1) VIN/ZCS/FA


4.In the next screen you will see the same picture: (the CHASSIS FG FA (it the coding data) now is empty). And now we need to enter this data. In this screen please select (F1) ZCS/FA f. ECU. It

means that we will read ZCS/FA data from (f.) ECU


5.In the next screen you will see the chassis choice because depend on chassis the different list of ECU from wich we able to read coding. (we select E39)


6.In the next screen NCS Expert propose us to select from wich ECU we want to read “Correct” coding data. In most cases such coding stored in EWS or IKE. But in you car is better to read it

from EWS if this ECU originally for your car. In any case we can read the data from proposed ECU in selected chassis. (You can try read from different ECU for comparison). In this screen we

select EWS



7.After ECU choosing and pressing OK the NCS Expert will read coding data from specified ECU and write it in the upper part of NCS Ecspert window. (in was blank before on step 4).

Now NCS Expert ready to write this coding data to all ECU available in chassis.

In the end of this step we press F6 “Back”


8.We will see the screen with readed coding in upper part.

In the middle part of window will be write “Ready to coded: “ABS,EWS,IKE,DSC, LSC etc ECU” (list ECU depend from chassis)

In the bottom part of window (button part) will be active buttons: F1, Program Car, ECU etc.

If we select “Program Car” the NCS will program all ECU available in this chassis and listed in middle part of screen with data readed before and writed in upper part of screen.

If we select “Program ECU” the NCS will propose us to select special ECU which we want to code.

After selection we must press “execute job” or “process car”

And coding will start.

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