Mercedes Benz SBC Renew/Reset by DAS Feedbacks

This Benz SBC renew/reset experience shared from Benz forum,thanks to original post owner JIMKO.

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Mercedes Benz SBC Renew/Reset by DAS Feedbacks

Experience 1:

Try this at your own risk!

SBC unit extend service live

Under no circumstances use this procedure more than once on any car as true service life of SBC unit is around 160-180% of what MB set the unit at.


Make sure engine is running!!

In Developer mode you need to go to Entwickelingsdaten->ansteueringen ->Gesamstiste aller Ansteuerungen to see how many times brake has been pressed there is a line that says:Bremsenzahler (0]_GetBrLive)

then 1 line down there you see Bremsenzahler aktualisieren und Lebensdauerzahler F neu berechenen->click it!

Parameter ulNBR=0

then click F31 line down Bremsenzahler auf beliebigen Wert setzen (0]_SetNBr)->click it Parameter ulNBR=0

then clickF3

then scroll down untill you see the line’s: Lebensdauerzahler F neu berechenen (0]_CalclveTime)

Parameter ulNBR=0

then click F3

Lebensdauerzahler F neu berechenen und schreiben(D]_BuildAndWriteF)

Parameter ulNBR=0

then clickF3

Log out of SBC!!

log out of verhicle !!

let engine run at least 10 minutes or drive at least 10 minutes If no coils are damaged,SBC fault code is not AKTUEL nomore.


Experience 2:

Mercedes SBC Unit C2498 fault

To solve this issue using DevMode:

Find Line where DJ_SetPmpCycle,and DJ_SetpmpCycleInit

Put 0 then F3,go out for SBC,Ign Off,Ign On then start Motor,Nomore C2498 Error

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