AVDI Diagnostics All Keys Lost Programming for Ford S-Max 2015+

In this instruction,car-auto-repair.com will show you guide on how to use AVDI diagnostics to do all keys lost programming for Ford S-Max 2015+.




Connect AVDI programmer to Ford S-Max OBD port


Starting the Abrites Diagnostics for Ford software

Then select “Special Function”–>”Key Learning”


Select “Ford Europe”–>”2015 S-Max”–>”2.0 TDCI”


Select “Erase All Smart Keys”,then click “Execute”


Close all vehicle doors

Switch the ignition ON

Press OK to continue


Close all vehicle doors

Insert the key you want to program in emergency slot.

Switch the ignition ON

Press OK to continue

Note:When erasing the keys,you could ignore the message telling you to insert the keys in the emergency slot and insert them at a later stage during the programming.


Erasing the keys will take a while…

Number of keys programmed:0

Turn ignition ON with the key you want to program or insert it in emergency slot.

Note: This is the step where you program the new keys after the old ones have been erased.

The minimum programmed keys for Ford/Mazda is two.


Put key in slot on steering column.

Slot is under rubber covering at the bottom of the cup holder.

AVDI-Diagnostics-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-S-Max-2015-9 AVDI-Diagnostics-All-Keys-Lost-Programming-for-Ford-S-Max-2015-10


One key is now programmed,insert the second key into the slot


Just repeat the step to program second key,then click “No” exit programming step.

Switch the ignition OFF

Remove the key from ignition switch

Press OK to continue


Operation Successfully


Now test you new keys.

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