Launch X431 “SMARTBOX Serial Number is Different from SMARTBOX” Error Solution

Something when you use Launch X431 PAD after entering into the intelligent diagnosis, it was normal before, but when reading the VIN code, it suddenly displays “when downloading the software, the selected SMARTBOX serial number is different from the SMARTBOX serial number currently used. Please re-select the same serial number and download the software to upgrade again or contact the dealer.”Here show you guide on how to solve this error.


Device Show in This Guide:

Launch X431 PAD V (Amazon Official)



For this error you need to re-download and install AutoSearch software agin.

Select “Other Modules”–>”Files”–>”Internal Storage”


Go into path cnlaunch/X431PADV/9898900038…/DIAGNOSTIC/VEHICLES

Then select “AUTOSEARCH” folder,and press “Delete”


Now go back to main menu to select “User Info”–>”Settings”


And select “Clear Cache” to clear the cache


After device restarting,select “Software Update” at main menu,and login your account

It will show the software you are possible to update

Select “AutoSearch”,then press “Update” button


Downloading,then install it automatically.


After then test Launch X431 again,it will work normally.

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