Kubota U10/U20 Excavator Engine Starting Malfunction Solution

This illustration show you guide on how to solve Kubota U10/U20/U35/U45 engine starting malfunction.


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First check battery charging amount and earth line condition.

Second check if battery voltage is on S-terminal of starter when starter switch is at ‘ start’ position.


If battery voltage doesn’t exist at B-terminal;

Check continuity of slow blow fuse.


Check continuity between 30 and 50 terminals when turning on the switch.


Coupler or wire harness have failure of connection.Kubota EPC Download

Check continuity of wire harness.

* Fusible link and 30-terminal of starter SW.

*S-terminal of starter motor and 50 terminal of starter SW.


In case battery voltage exists at B-terminal; starter motor should be suspected and so check the following.

  1. Contact failure of S-terminal.(Check continuity between S-terminal and body earth.)
  2. Starter body earth failure.(Check continuity between starter and body earth.)
  3. Cutting of pull-in coil and holding coil.(Check continuity test between S-terminal and body.)


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