Jungheinrich ETM/V 10-12 Regenerative Lowering Hydraulic System

Jungheinrich trucks with the regenerative lowering option have a hydraulic circuit for lifting and lowering as well as a separate hydraulic circuit for the auxiliary functions.


All settings must be made with the rated load and the hydraulic system at operating temperature and bled.


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Lifting Hydraulics

Pressure Relief Valve Setting

Bleed the hydraulic system.

Set the pressure relief valve (3) to nominal load pressure +15 bar when the hydraulic system is at operating temperature.

After setting the valve, secure the setscrew with sealant.


The pressure relief valve factory presetting is 200 bar.

Line Break Safety Device Control

The maximum permissible lowering speed in the mast lift is 0.6 m/s.

Remove the connector from the solenoid (4)

Raise the load pickup device to mast lift Set key switch to “0

Do not activate the foot switch (deadman switch)

No persons are allowed near the load pickup device during this control. If the line break safety device is not activated, close the solenoid by removing the voltage supply.

Apply a separate 48V voltage, the solenoid will suddenly open

The line break safety device should be activated with the load pikkup device lowers.

if the tolerance level is exceeded check and adjust the line break safety device setting, if necessary replace the line break safety device.

Jungheinrich Junior AME13 Regenerative Lowering Hydraulic System (1)

Lowering Speed Setting

When checking and setting the lowering speed, the nominal load in the mast lift must be 0.45 m/s + 0.05m/s.


Hydraulic Auxiliary Functions

Pressure Relief Valve Setting

The pressure relief valve (5) needs only to be set for trucks with mast tilt to 150 +10 bar.

The factory pre-setting is 180 bar and is therefore correct for trucks with fork tilt and requires no further adjustment.


Auxiliary Function Speed Setting

Speed setting and the “Teach In” are performed via the service program in accordance with Tables 2-4 (see below).

Adjustment is made via the LISA in the SERVICE MODE menu, or for the ETVQac 20/25 via the ABE

Jungheinrich Junior AME13 Regenerative Lowering Hydraulic System (2)

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