Doosan DL06 Engine Compression Test by e-Doctor

This illustration show you guide on how to use Doosan e-Doctor diagnostic software to do compression test for Doosan DL06 engine. This is to check the deviation of the compression function of each cylinders.

Doosan DL06 Engine Compression Test by e-Doctor

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Start icon

– Be sure compression test must be conducted on “ Key On “position after stop Engine running.

– The test will be started when you click the Start icon with engine cranking.


Stop icon

– Clicking the icon makes the test stop.


Status message

– It enable you to trace the test progress.


Cranking message

– Start cranking when prompted to start.

– Stop cranking when prompted to stop.


How to view the graph

– It shows the results (in percentage) produced on basis of cylinder which has the longest measurement time.

– If the compression of a cylinder is lower than other cylinders when the cylinder is compressed or expanded, the measurement time will be short.


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