How to Use Doosan DMS-5 Joystick Check Function

Here is a details guide on how to use Doosan DMS-5 diagnostic software Joystick check function,it include: Pressure check according to a joystick,Boom Up, Boom Down, Arm In, Arm Out, Bucket Crowd,Bucket Dump, Travel Right, Travel Left, Swing Pressure.



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Joystick Check page


<Joystick pilot pressure check concept>
• For machines having VBO system, the joystick pressure is measured to calculate the pump flow rate based on its value.
• Performed to check the connection to the joystick and MCV pilot line after the machine has been
• It is not a calibration but is aimed at verifying that pilot pressure formation is normal for each
• For example, if there is air pocket between the joystick and the MCV pilot line, the pilot pressure
formation is not properly working, so if the pressure formation does not work within the reference
time(limit), follow the actions such as by subtracting the air, and then it is necessary to ensure that the pressure is formed in the reference.
• If the result display window is green, the pilot pressure formation has not an issue.
• If the resulting window is red, pilot pressure formation is problematic and needs to be improved by air subtraction, etc.


Joystick Check Setting before a test


Joystick Check Process
<Boom Up Pressure[F1]>

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