How to Use Caterpillar ET 2023A Modifiable Strings Function?

Cat ET 2023A Modifiable Strings function allows customizable events to be defined in a manner that is useful in a local setting. By assigning meaningful descriptions strings to events set by the control, specific installation needs, such as using a local language that is not supported by the service tool or referencing a machine spatially, can be met.

How to Use Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Software Trainer Function (4)

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To access the Modifiable Strings function, select “Modifiable Strings” from the Service menu.



To access the modifiable strings:

1Click the Load From ECM button. The available events and lines will be displayed in the Input column and the associated values will be shown in the Value column.

Note: Input values that have been saved previously may be loaded by clicking the Load from File… button.

2To input a value, select the relevant entry in the Value column, and type in the desired event description.

3To save the entered event descriptions and load those descriptions to the ECM, click the Program ECM button. To save the entered event descriptions to a file, click Save to File…

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