How to Synchronize Dash to ECU for Ford Focus after ECU Replacement

In this instruction show you guide on how to use Ford All in One software to synchronize dashboard to ECU after new ECU replacement.



Step 1:Read out dashboard EEPROM file from dashboard

Connect Orange 5 programmer(or other programmer supported) to dashboard


Run Orange 5 software

Click “Type”–>”MC68HC12”–>”04-MTRK”–>”MC9S12H256”


Then read ID and read EEPROM to save the file on your PC

Here save it as name “eprom dash focus”



Step 2:Read out ECU file

Here you need use programmer to read out ECU file before perform synchronizing


Step 3:Synchronize to ECU

Run Ford All in One software

Open ECU eeprom file and dash eeprom file you read before


Click “Synchro to ecu” and save it on your PC



After then you can use Fairdell HexCmp2 software to compare new ECU eeprom file with original one.

And then check it work,use programmer to write the new ECU eeprom file back to ECU.

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