Komatsu Time v1.2 v1.1 Excavator Software Free Download

Komatsu Time will help you to exchange damaged instrument cluster for Komatsu industrial equipment.


How to use Komatsu Time?

This software is simple to use , you just need to open dashboard,find EEPROM memory and read it using CarProg software or other tool which can do it.


1.Press “Open eeprom” button and load the file. This software has autodetect function, so when you load eeprom file,software automatically decide which type of dashboard you have and show current moto hours which you can change.
If your dashboard will be not supported for this software version,you will see the message which one tell  you to send file to [email protected], and we will try to add your’s dashboard version to “Komatsu Time” software.

2.After you change moto hours, you must press button “Save eeprom”. The file will be saved with motohours from your original dashboard.

3.Last step, you must write new file to replacement Komatsu dashboard and instrument cluster will be adapted.


Komatsu Time v1.2 v1.1 Free Download:

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