5 Problems on the 1st Generation Subaru Crosstrek

These are the top 5 problems with the 1st generation Subaru Crosstrek, whick is available in model years 2013-2017. This instruction show you the top 5 most common problems that mechanics and Subaru have reported on the 1st Generation Crosstrek, and also suggestions on the best way for you to fix or replace the problems yourself.

If you want to know more about Subaru, please refer to SUBARU.


No. 1  The battery going dead


There is a few reason why the battery going dead.

More than 30days do not start your car, you need to charge your battery.

If you drive the vehicle very minimally, less than mile a day, it’s not even a chance for the vehicle to warm up, that’s not enough to keep the battery charged.

When you have a battery that’s constantly going dead, the best thing is do a parasitic draw test.


No.2  Cam Sensor code P000A,P000B


Camshaft are located bottom on the sides of the engine. If you get those codes P000A,P000B, it’s not necessarily that the cam sensors are bad, of course it could be.

The first thing you need to do is check your oil level. If the oil level is good, change oil, especially if it doesn’t look clean. After you do that, clear the codes and recheck it to see if the codes come back. If they do there may be an internal engine component that has failed.


No.3 Leak Detection Pump


Leak detection pump is located more on the passenger side and that has to do with your evap system or part of your emissions system.

If you get a code P1449, it’s a good idea to take these hoses off.


Sometimes these hoses clog up.There’s a bunch of them so keep in mind where they go. Clean those hoses out and then clear the code and drive it again. If the code comes back then chances are you need a leak detection pump.


No.4 Rear Splash Guard Corrosion


Subaru actually knows about this problem. The original fasteners that hold these splash guards on were not corrosive resistant. So you can buy a kit to replace this screw with some corrosive resistant screws. And also make sure when you’re doing that to make the splash guard stays in the right position.


No.5 Brake Light Swich C1531


The brake light switch is located at the breke pedal itself. It’s at the top of the assembly.

Some of the symptoms you may notice, a traction control light, an ABS light or even a hill holder light on. The code that you may find with these symptoms is a C1534.

If you have any of these symptoms the best thing to do is contact the dealer, they do have an updated switch that might fix your problem.

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