5 Commons Problems on 5th Generation Chrysler 2008-16

In this article, we’ll describe 5 problems with the 5th generation Chrysler Town&Country, which is available as model years 2008 to 2016. Not only points out the most common problems, but also shows you what you can do to repair or replace the problem.

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No.1 Transmission


Some of the symptoms you see with the transmission while you’re driving along, you have some harsh shifting or even some shuttering concerns that feels like you’re driving over a rumble strip. If you have any of above conditions, you’re going to want to take it to a local dealer and have it checked out before you cause any more damage.

It’s a good idea to service the transmission regularly per the manual it’s recommended that you replace the fluid and filter every 120000 miles.


No.2 Rear EVAP Lines


Rear EVAP lines are all along the side of the body underneath and they go over the wheel well and to the back, up above the muffler where it goes into the evaporative core.

The symptom you’re going to find is your AC is not blowing as cold as it usually is, somewhere in one of those lines is going to be a leak and that’s going to cause the AC system not to have the correct pressure and it’s not going to work as good as normal.

The best solution is going to bring it to a repair facility to have the work done since most people don’t have owner AC machine at home.


No.3 The Window Regulator&Motor

The symptom you’re going to find is your window doesn’t work whether it won’t go down or it won’t go up. You may hear stuff happening in the door. Most of the time it’s just the window regulator or the motor itself.


No.4 Oil Filter Adapter Housing


The housing is between heads below the intake what you’re going to find with some oil leaks coming from that. Now Chrysler has an updated housing, so if you find that you have a leak, you’re going to get that updated housing so that you don’t have any more oil leaks.


No.5 Front Sway Bar Links&Bushings

If those go bad you’re going to notice some rattling over bumps. Mostly from one side or the other. They don’t normally go at the exact same time, but it’s always best to replace them in pairs.

Another common problem with noise in the front suspension is the struts, so check those out as well.

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