Top 5 problems with the W212 Mercedes-Benz E Class 2010-2016

This instruction write 5 common problems with 4th generation Mercedes Benz E class sedan, consisting of model years 2010-2016. More Mercedes-Benz cases, please refer to Benz Trouble Repair.


No.1 Shift Ability issue

Usually between the first second or even third gear shifting in the upward movement ,it’s going to have a harsh shifting issue. And you notice the Rebs are going up when if finally does shift into gear you’re probably hear a very loud and audible clunk boom.

The causes for this would be a failed turbine speed sensor located inside the transmission overall. The fixes for this problem would be tear apart your transmission replace the turbine speed sensor.


No.2 Crankshaft Position Sensor

The symptoms include that maybe you’re driving down the road and the car just dies out, maybe you’re trying to start it and it just crank scrags crank it’s not turning over for some reason, or maybe even the car starts but then it sputters and then eventually just dies out.

When one of these are happening, your check engine lights kind of come on your dash. When that comes on you can go ahead and use your scanner to scan it. It should communicate with your vehicle. The European vehicles are difficult to communicate with generic scanners and stuff overall, you should probably get like a European one or something like that.

The probably you will get the trouble code that says PO336 which is going to come up saying crankshaft position sensor.However this might not be the only cause for this issue. There is a camshaft position sensor that could also be an issue as well. It’s recommended to do them both at the same time. They’re two separate parts there, but they both tend to go bad internally and when this happened, it can cause the same issue.


No.3 Thrust Link

The thrust link is underneath in the front of the vehicle.


It’s called the forward thrust link and what it does is keep the wheel from going forward and backward. What happens is the bushing right inside gets dry rotted and cracked and even sometimes separates and it causes uneven wear on the tires. You may notice that your tires are wearing on the inner edge even thought you check your front end, side to side, up and down like you normally would. You’ll rarely feel this issue. When you step on the brake or when you accelerate heavily, this position is going to shift back and forth.


Although it supposed to be rubber mounted but if the bushings are bad inside,and it’s shift way too much, it’s going to cause this issue.

The fix for this would be to either take thrust link out and then try to press in a new bushing that can be a fun job sometimes and if you don’t feel as though you’re inclined to do, we recommend take out the bolt that goes through here


And then take off that side right there which is like a little ball joint pop and replace it.


After do that, you have to get in alignment.


No.4 Interior Issues


Creaky sounds from here


Cup holder doesn’t retract like it should completely.


Knob for navigation may stops working and usually it’ll be intermittent at first and then stop altogether and that can be an issue. What you could do is you can either rebuild it or replace it.


Dreaded rip seats. You can get it reupholstered or replaced.


No.5 Automatic Digital Temperature Control Valve

It’s located under the hood, underneath the wiper blade assembly. Here is the button.


You press auto the vehicle should set the temperature for the inside of the cabin to 77,what you might notice is for some reason there isn’t warm temperature coming out of the heat vents. It’s only coming out cold .


You crank it up a little bit further 81 82 83, it still cold. Let’s get under the hood. If you were to lift up your hood, remove wiper arms the plastic cowl, once you’re below that stuff you’re going to see the assembly that has the motor and everything for your wiper blades get that right out of there. At that point you’re going to be able to see the firewall. The firewall is the wall that comes between your engine compartment and the passenger compartment. It’s very important.Anyway, on that firewall you’ll find the valve, it’s have a cup of coolant tubes going into it and it’s also having an electrical wire going into it.

The reason why the valve actually goes bad is because it’s a two-piece unit. It has some internals and we’re not include those as pieces because there ‘s multiple but you have two plastic pieces for the housing unit in between those two pieces , they have to have a gasket,but the gasket goes bad it’s super common.Once that happens moisture gets inside,it’s going to lead to rust and corrosion.

Fixes for this issue,you would be to locate the unit you find, once you find the unit you want to make sure the problem unit, you need to test for power and ground. Once you’re sure you can move along. There will be a removal process for this, because it does involve coolant, pay attention to that. Other than that remove it take apart the two housings and take a peek inside when you look inside if you see any rust or corrosion in there, replace it.

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