How to Solve Volvo PTT “No Authorisation” Error

Sometime when you run Volvo PTT with offline,it will prompt you with a error message “No Authorisation:You are not authorised to run Tech Tool on this client.Connect to central systems to update the list of user profiles or contact your local administrator.”Here show you guide on how to solve this “No Authorisation” error.



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Method 1:

Download below TechToolCoreDevelopmentContent.msi plugin

Double click to install it,wait installation finish.


Now go to “Task Manager” to end all process of Tech Tool

After then run Volvo PTT and login with offline,you will find “No Authorisation” solved


Method 2:

open techtool log manager (in techtool folder)
stop all services
clean all log files
check log folder – you should have only one configuration file
close techtool log manager
start activator as admin(using cmd)
press “Erase DB full” 4-5 times
activate+patch .

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