How to Reset Air Drier for Volvo FMX 440 by Volvo Tech Tool

After you compressor compressor,repair air leakage or air drier cartridge replacement,air drier must be carried out.So here show you guide on how to use Volvo PTT to do air drier resetting for Volvo FMX 440 truck.




2022 Volvo PTT Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.8.150 & 2.7.116 & 2.6 All Version Free Download



Connect Vocom adapter (or other interface) to Volvo FMX 440

After then run Volvo Tech Tool and build connection.

Select “Calibrate”

Select “5-Brakes”–>”Air drier”

Then click “Start” button


Only perform the reset function after component has been replaced or serviced.The reset is irreversible and incorrect use of this function may damage the vehicle.

Check the diagbox and click “Continue”


Resetting of the air drier service parameters,it is also possible to monitor the remaining service life.

Click “Continue”


Now here Volvo PTT will check conditions automatically,after then click “Continue”


There are 4 option list:

1–Reset,Filter cartridge

If the air drier filter cartridge has been replaced the service parameters must be reset by clicking Start.


If the compressor has been replaced the service parameters must be reset by clicking Start.

3–Reset,Air leakage

If air leakage repairs has been performed on the product the service parameters must be reset by click start.

4–Restore memory data

If DTC U114A68 is active,a restore of memory data must be performed by clicking start

To do a “Reset” work,just click on the “Reset” button we want.

Then we click “Continue”


Now resetting work done


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