How to Set MAN CAT2 Work with ScanMatik2 Pro

This instruction show you guide on how to configure ScanMatik2 Pro work with MAN CAT2 diagnostic software.It was shared on by peroogi member,thank you for his effort on this topic.

How to Set MAN CAT2 Work with ScanMatik2 Pro


Step 1:

Download SM2PRO drivers from here

The install it (run it as administrator)

Once installed make sure all is working fine in the scanmatik application itself.


Step 2:
Copy the smj2534.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\Scanmatik – for x64 systems

or C:\Program Files\Scanmatik – for x86/32 bit systems to Desktop or any other folder,and rename smj2534.dll to sm2534.dll(just remove the “J”, copy the renamed file to C:\Windows\System32)


Step 3:
Download TMVCI32.dll from here,then copy TMVCI32.dll it to C:\Program Files\Teradyne\T-MVCI J2534, make sure to rename the original to TMVCI32.dll_ori or anything similar or back it up safely if needed ever.


Step 4:
MANCATS2 should now work perfectly with SM2PRO but you may not get communication/you will get a prompt that ignition is not on, which will need a key state switcher, download MANkey.exe from here and place it into “C:\MAN cats II\Runtime\”. Make sure to run MANkey.exe with admin rights before running mancats, also, you could/should make a custom cable or modify your OBD2 ADAPTER to bridge PIN 3 and pin 7, SM2PRO should now work with MANCATS2. . .

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