How to Repair Old Peeling or Damaged Clear Coat by Yourselves

This instruction will show you guide on how to repair old peeling or damaged clear coat for all types step-by-step at home.

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Using some soapy water to wash down the fender and remove any dirt or debris


Use 800 grit sandpaper to sand down the worst of the damage.

Noted it’s important that ridge is completely sanded away and is invisible before we move on to the next step. You can rubbing your finger over where the ridge was previously, if you can’t actually feel the ridge anymore that would be good enough.


Use 1500 grit sandpaper to sand on the rest of the fender then clean it with a microfiber towel


Waiting for fender to dry or use a heat gun to speed the process up.

It’s important to check little areas where water could be hiding, make sure there’s no water trap down anywhere.

Get some masking tape and water mask paper the entire area ready for paint


Seeing as the clear coat is so bad on this truck that I’ve had to get base coat mixed up and also 2k clear coat. Sometimes you can get away with just using clear coat and it’ll cover a lot of the damage.


First spray a light coat of the base coat, just need to have enough coat to cover the areas where the clear coat was peeling


After fender dry, we’re going to tack rag the panel down one more time just to make sure no dust has settled on it.

Spray on one light 2k clear coat first and then wait for about five minutes and spray on a second a heavier coat.

The 2k clear gives a high gloss finish and extremely scratch resistance after 24 hours it can be mechanically polished and is a very tough superior gloss finish.


After all clear coat dry, remove the mask


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