How to paint the auto wheels by yourself

In this article i gonna to share the experience about how to auto paint  wheel by yourself.

1.Take Wheel Off your Car
2.Use soap water clean the wheel,and make sure you get all the grease off.

soap water-1
3.Metal wire brush on angle grinder to smooth down the whole surface of steel wheel.(or use sand paper,it will take you a long time to do it.)

metal wire
4.Use electric blower to blow all the dust off the wheel.

5.Use alcohol to clean the wheel

6.Put index cards between ring and tire all the way around.(index cards protect tire from spray primer)

spray primer
7.Spray Primer 3 times.(coated one time every 2-3 minutes)

spray primer
8.Spray the color you want with TRIM & BUMPER PAINT 3 times.

spray paint
Note: Put the primer and paint into warm water(32-38℃)

At the end of article,you can watch detail on video guide.

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