3 easy free way to reset check engine light

Sometime you find check engine light on your dashboard,it means there is a problem in the engine or the emissions control system.If you have obd2 scanner to read the DTCs,it may display P0102 and P0113.P0102 mean”Mass Air Flow(MAF) may be disconnected,or a wiring connection may be bad”. P0113 mean “Faulty connection at Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor”. You should solve these problem and then to reset check engine light.This article will show 3 free way to reset check engine light.


First method to reset check engine light:

check engine light-1

Unplug battery’s battery’s negetive terminal for 2 minutes but this may no work on all cars.

Warning: you wll erase error codes to help diagnose your car problem and will reset radio too.


Second method to reset check engine light:

Connect jumper wire to a disconnected negetive & positive terminal for 1 min.This worked for my ford.Ground connection must be unplug before connecting jumper and car must be turn off too.

check engine light-2

Use cauton and use gloves *risk of shock.

Third method to reset engine light:

Once you fix what caused the light to trigger,but your car engine light still light on.Do worry,your car usually reset the light after 5-30 miles.

If you have OBD2 Scanner,check engine light will disappear after use it to clean the DTCs code.

Note:Check engine light will come back if problem is not fixed.You can use diagnostic to locate the issue quickly.


At  the end of article ,you can watch this video to get detail information:

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