How to Replace Cornering Light Bulb for Mercedes Benz by Yourselves

This instruction will show you guide on how to detail replace the cornering light bulb on a Mercedes Benz by yourselves. Cornering light is a feature that happens only during at night, because that’s when the corner light gets activated whenever it take a left turn or the right turn or when using the turn signals.

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In our car(Mercedes W212 2011), the moment the left turn signal is activated, it immediately throws an error code to say that check left cornering light.


So how to fix it? Let’s do it.



Replacement from passenger side

Removing two screws that holds cable


Take the round cover off by rotate in it counterclockwise


Look deep inside and find this is the connector this holds a bulb in place


Reach down there and rotate that black plastic part counterclockwise

Notice how the metal clip is pointing upwards, it will become important the moment you’re going to put it back in place


Once you rotate it just a little bit, it will pop up this place


Here it is completely out


Wiggle it out of the place.


Notice it’s very important when you handle brand new light bulb in order to preserve the lifetime of a bulb you must wear gloves.


Push new bulb in back in place


Make sure the direction of the metal clip is pointing upwards when putting the light bulb back in place


On the driver side bulb, you repeat the same procedure as you did in passenger side .


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