How to Replace Cabin Air Filter for 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK350

This instruction will show you guide on how to replace cabin air filter for 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK350. The cabin filter is located on the passenger side of the vehicle, under the glove box.



Time: 30-60 minutes

Tab: $23 to $50

Talent: 1

Tools: T20 Torx driver, rag

Parts Required: New air filter

Hot Tip: Place a cloth under the filter when removing

Performance Gain: Breathing cleaner air

Complementary Modification: Change engine air filter



Use a T20 Torx bit remove the three Torx screws that secure the foot panel to the glove box assembly.


Pull the flooring backwards so you can remove the sealing panel easier


Remove the footwell ceiling panel


The filter is secured by a plastic lock and sometimes metal clips on either end. Pry those off it.


Slide the plastic lock to the left to drop the filter.


Remove the old filter from the housing and clean out any debris inside.

Install you new AQ 1161 C filter into the housing with its air flow indicating arrow pointing towards the back of the car.

Slide securing plastic over the housing tabs to lock it.


Reinstall other parts, replacement is finished.

Recommended replacement every 15,000 miles or one year, refer to your vehicle owners manual for specifications.


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