The Wrong Way to Clear Snow Off Your Vehicle

This short article shows you a whole bunch of ways to ruin the paint and glass on your car by clearing snow the wrong way.

No.1 Don’t use a shovel

Most shovels have a metal blade like this


And that’ll scratch your paint.


No.2 Don’t use a broom

There is going be dirt and debris in these bristles.


And these bristles are stiffer then a regular snow brush. So you’re going to scratch your paint.


No.3 Don’t use your gloves

Using your gloves to clean snow off is not a good idea. Pay attention to your clothes when you’re rubbing up against the car, your zippers are going to get close, you don’t want to scratch your car that way.


No.4 Don’t just take a brush and bash the snow

It’s not going to help you’re going to end up denting your car.


No.5 Don’t take hot water and pour it on your car



No.6 Don’t just clear a section where you can see

Don’t just clear a section where you can see out of the car and leave the rest of the snow. It’s illegal and it’s unsafe for you and other drivers.


No.7 Don’t use a key or a screwdriver or hammer to try to get the ice off


You’re just scratch everything up.

No.8 Don’t open car door without clearing some of the snow off

If do that, you’ll get snow on the inside of your car. Before you shut your vehicle off make sure you have the wipers off before the storm. Don’t start the vehicle up with the wipers on. It can cause damage to the wiper transmission and the wiper motor and sometimes you can cause the wiper arms to break.



No.8 Don’t start the vehicle, turn the heat on and just let it run for hours hoping that everything will melt off. It’s a waste of gar and it’s not good for the environment.


Above is a lot of what not to do , here we have some advise how to clean snow on your car.

Here’s some tools that are safe to use.



A snow broom, a brush with a scraper.

Something like below would be good for a tall SUV or even trucks.


Before you open the door, you need to clear off some of this snow around the door. So you’ll not get any of snow getting into the car.

Just in case we forgot turn the wiper blades off, we’re going to clear the windshield off.

Make sure your exhaust is clear. You don’t want any of those exhaust fumes entering the cabin and don’t get too close to a building where the exhaust could actually enter the building.


Before clean snow, make sure you put the rear defroster on if you have one. As the vehicle’s running , we’re going to shovel off the rest of the snow, start on the roof and then work our way down. You need to make sure you clear off all your lights, clear off the rear bumper and it’s always important to clear off where your rear license place would be.

Don’t forget to clean off the snow from your rims and tires, a little bit of snow can cause a bad vibration.


For more information, please refer to Auto Knowledge.

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