Clear Secured High Voltage DTCs by G-Scan for Chevrolet Bolt EV

Here’s a short article of “Clear Secured High Voltage DTC” function on 2018 Chevrolet Bolt. This function must be performed to unlock your Bolt after replacing battery pack or related control modules. If you want to know more about Chevrolet Repair cases, please visit Chevrolet Trouble Repair.



Connect G-Scan3 to Cherolet Bolt EV obd port, then enter menu to select “Diagnosis”




  • scan will read maker, model,year and VIN of the vehicle. Press “OK”


Click “OK”


Waiting for system search.


If you replace the following parts on Chevrolet Bolt:

Battery Pack

EV Battery Energy Control Module

EV Battery Interface Control Module

EV Powertrain Control Module 1 or 2


The vehicle will be in “High Voltage lockout state” and NO start Condition.

According to Service Bulletin from GM, one or more of the following DTCs may be triggered when encountering a vehicle with a No start:


DTCs listed here are not inclusive. For more accurate information, please refer to GM’S service information.

You need a scan tool to clear the secured high voltage DTCs.

For example, when DTC POAFA is triggered, the high voltage contactors which allow the high voltage batteries to be connected to the vehicles or contain the high voltage within the battery assembly, will be prevented from closing until the DTC is cleared.


Click “Clear Secured High Voltage DTCs”


Press “OK”


It shows “Procedure in Progress”, turn the vehicle off, open and then close the driver door,after that click “OK”


Function is completed

As always, if you want to know more about G-Scan function, please refer to G-Scan test cases.

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