How to Remove & Install Inlet Manifold for ISUZU 4JJ1 Engine Truck

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install inlet manifold for ISUZU euro 4 N-series 4JJ1 engine truck.If you want more about ISUZU truck cases,please refer to::ISUZU Trouble Repair.


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1.Remove the engine cover.

Remove the oil filler cap, and remove the engine cover.


2.Disconnect the boost sensor connector(1).


3.Remove the air intake duct and hose.

Remove the duct on the intercooler side.

Remove the duct from the intake throttle valve with the hose attached.


4.Remove the A/C compressor.

Remove the A/C compressor drive belt.

Remove the compressor from the A/C compressor bracket. Fasten to any suitable position with a wire along with the hoses.

5.Remove the A/C compressor bracket.

6.Remove the engine oil level gauge and guide tube.

7.Remove the transmission oil level gauge tube.

8.Disconnect the EGR valve connector(1).

9.Disconnect the intake throttle connector(2).



1.EGR valve connector

2.Intake throttle connector NOTE:

Take sure to hold the connector portion for removal.

Remove the rear cover with the connector attached.

Do not remove the rear cover separately.



1)Rear cover

2)Connector portion

10.Remove the injection pipe(1).


NOTE: Do not reuse the injection pipe.

11.Remove the inlet manifold.

a.Remove the inlet manifold with the intake throttle and EGR valve installed.

b.Remove the EGR valve (2) and gasket from the inlet manifold(1).

c.Remove the intake throttle(3) and gasket from the inlet manifold(1).




1.Install the inlet manifold.

a.Install the EGR valve (2) and gasket to the inlet manifold(1).

Tightening torque:27 N-m(2.8kg-m/20 Ib-ft)

b.Install the intake throttle (3) and gasket to the inlet manifold(1).

Tightening torque:10 N-m(1.0kg-m/87 lb-in)


c.Install the gasket and inlet manifold, and temporarily tighten them.

d.Tighten at the specified torque in the order shown in the diagram.

Tightening torque:25 N-m(2.5kg-m/18 lb-ft)


2.Install the injection pipe and tighten the clip at the specified torque.

Apply engine oil to the injector side sleeve nut threaded portion of the injection pipe and the gasket of the injector.

Tightening torque:8 N-m(0.8 kg-m/69 lb-in)






3.Tighten the sleeve nut of the injection pipe(1) at the specified torque.

Tightening torque Injector side:30 N-m(3.1kg-m/22 lb-ft)

Common rail side:25 N-m(2.5kg-m/18 lb-ft)


NOTE:Do not reuse the injection pipe(1).

4.Connect the EGR valve connector(1).

5.Connect the intake throttle connector.



1)EGR valve connector

2)Intake throttle connector

6.Install the engine oil level gauge and guide tube.

Apply engine oil to the O-ring of the guide tube.

7.Install the transmission oil level gauge tube.

8.Install the A/C compressor bracket.

9.Install the A/C compressor.

Install the A/C compressor to the compressor bracket.

Install the A/C compressor drive belt.

10.Install the air intake duct and hose.

NOTE: Firmly insert the hose without any twisting or misalignment, and tighten the clamp to the specified torque.

Install the duct and hose between the intake throttle valve and intercooler.

Use a new hose clamp, align it with the marking.

Tightening torque:8 N-m(0.8 kgm/69 lbin)


11.Connect the connector(1) of the boost sensor.


12.Install the engine cover, and then tighten the bolt and stud at the specified torque.

Tightening torque:25 N-m(2.5kg-m/18 lb-ft)

13.Install the oil filler cap.


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