How to Quick Clean Catalytic Converter with AUTOOL Kit

This instruction will show you guide on how to clean catalytic converter without removing it by AUTOOL kit.


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Removing Oxygen Sensor


Disconnecting wire harness and any wire clip


Spray WD-40 a few times and leave it for a few minutes to penetrate


After 4 minutes, use 22 mm wrench for undoing the oxygen sensor and be careful with the wire not get twisted.


For the cleaning agent, we use a bottle of water the rest with carpet cleaner (you can use other cleaners like seafoam or specific catalytic converter cleaner)


After putting the whole bottle into the canister , it will be filled till here, then close the cap


Connecting the sharp air, set pressure on 60psi, when we open the lower valve it will spray like this


Put the tip in oxygen sensor hole and open the lover valve spray the whole cleaner onto the catalytic converter


When the cleaner is finished, closing the lower valve and putting the oxygen sensor back.


Spraying some cleaner to clean oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensors won’t get dirty unless you have some serious problem like a bad fuel injector or a bad spark plug



Start the engine. It should push all the dirt out of the tailpipe.


Clean is finish.


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