How to Clean Oxygen Sensor without removing It for Toyota Camry 2017

The reason clean oxygen is important, first it’ll send accurate reading to the computer; and second you’ll have better fuel economy. This instruction will show you guide on how to clean oxygen sensor without removing it on Toyota Camry 2017. This method is is for car that’s not easy to remove the O2 sensor, we’ll also show the cleaning method to clean O2 sensor after remove it, both of them will be cleaned with carb cleaner.

More cases about Oxygen sensor, Please refer to OXYGEN SENSOR TROUBLE REPAIR.



Oxygen sensor is under the exhaust cover. So first we need to unscrew the four 12mm bolt on the exhaust cover, then take the cover out to access the oxygen sensor.


Here is the oxygen sensor


Without remove oxygen sensor cleaning, we’ll be spraying carp cleaner from vacuum line. It will also clean the intake valves as well.

Remove the vacuum hose


Put the cleaner straw in


Then put the hose back


Start the engine and literally reach idling temperature, hold the rpm on 2000


Start spraying the carb cleaner whenever the engine warmed up, Spraying half of the carb cleaner will give the best result


After that give the engine few reps to suck and burn any carb cleaner, left in the hose.

After cleaning done, put the hose back and wait till the engine gets cold to touch, so you can take the oxygen sensor out and have a look at.


If you want to clean oxygen sensor with taking out,please do it as follows

Disconnect the wire harness


And then the plastic clamp


Use a 22mm wrench and keep twisting the wire while rotating the sensor


Here is the sensor looks


Spray carb cleaner on it


Below picture shows the different between clean and not clean


After cleaning, put everything back, make sure engine is cold enough to touch.


More repair for Camry,please refer to:Toyota Camry Trouble Repair.

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