How to Disable BMW X5 2013 N55 Oxygen Sensor Trouble Codes 2D22 2D13

In some situations,even you replace all oxygen sensors and then perform programming but the trouble code still exit.If you want to do deep diagnostics for your car or your customers cars,it will cost dozen dollars.So here is an alternative methods for solution for trouble codes disable.In this example, share the guide on how to disable oxygen sensor trouble code 2D22 & 2D13 for BMW X5 2013 with engine.

Note:This solution only available for same models and ECU(N55).



Remove N55 ECU from vehicle


Use KTAG programmer to read out flash data


Now use editor to modify data as below show

Locate 1B8DF0 line,then change all digits to “00”


After then write data back to N55 ECU and install back on BMW X5.

Note:Please make sure your KTAG or other programmer have the checksum function,otherwise it can not work.

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