How to Use KTAG to Disable BMW MINI Immobilizer System

Many locksmiths believe it is ridiculous to disable automotive immobilizer system.But in some special situations,this method will save owner’s vehicles and save your wallet.Although the vehicle’s immobilizer system have been disable,but the vehicle can work normally.It is a two-edged sword,disable the immobilizer system is the good solution when there is no better one.

Several days ago,one of my friends a automotive technician,start retrofitting a BMW MINI.Retrofit 1.6L to 1.6T and replace the ECU.And many electronic modules was used from other vehicles,it is so messy on this project.

When he completing this project,he found engine can not be started,and immobilizer system was locked.He spent a lot of time on it,but can not find the solution to solve it.After wasting a week time,he gave up it and ask me for help.I got the details information about this car,and then use KTAG to reflash a ECU file into ECU to disable the immobilizer,then he can start the engine normally.


So here i want to share the procedures to use KTAG to disable BMW Mini IMMO:

For disable BMW MINI 1.6T immo,we need only to modify the ECU data,not need to reprogram CAS and keys.(Note: Only for Bosch ECU)

Open the ECU shell,then use KTAG to read out data file

Here is a article focus on ECU opening project:EDC16/EDC17/MED17 ECU Opening Guide

Connect the wire according to the diagram

Vehicle–>MINI–>P208 protocol

You will get three files when you finish ECU reading

The first is a file compression package.

The second Ep file.

The third Mpc file (Flash data)


Here we only need to modify the Mpc file,use Hex Workshop (Hex Workshop Portable Crack Bin File Editor Free Download) to edit this Epc file.

Locate F0EB0 line,and modify “8B 02 20 22” to “00 00 82 12”,save new Epc

Now use KTAG to write this new Epc file back into ECU,then reinstall ECU on BMW MINI.

Then try to start BMW MINI,you will find the immo have been disable.


Note:Make sure your KTAG have checksum function,some clone version KTAG don’t have this function.

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