Volvo Dump Truck Cylinder Compression Test by PTT

This instruction show you guide on how to use Volvo PTT diagnostic software to do compression test for Volvo dump version 2 truck.More repair example for Volvo,please refer to:Volvo Truck Repair.



2024 Volvo  TechTool PTT 2.8.241 APCI All Version Free Download

Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300)

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 Diagnostic Kit



Connect Voccom interface to Volvo truck diagnostic port,then run Volvo PTT diagnostic software

After identification,click “Test”


Click “Engine,Engine mounting and equipment”

Click “Cylinder compression,test”


This test indicates if there is any deviation in compression in any cylinder in relation to the other cylinders.

For the values to be accurate the test must be carried out with the engine at operating temperature.

Click “Start” button at low right corner


For the values to be accurate the test must be carried out with the engine at operating temperature.

Note:When the test and evaluation are complete the ignition key must be turned to 0 and then back to the driving position to start a new test or to restart the engine.

Click “Paly” button at the top


Turn the key to the start position.Hold the key until the graph is displayed


For the Volvo dump truck version 2,when turning the ignition to the Start position,we don’t need to step on the clutch pedal.

Unlike the Volvo version 4,which is required to step on the clutch pedal when turning the ignition key to the start position.


There are two sensors that used to read the parameters in the compression cylinder inspection

The first one is “Camshaft position sensor”,it is located at the back of the timing gear cover


It reads the position of the cylinder that has made the compression step


Next one is “Flywheel sensor”,located at the rear of the engine,precisely in the “Flywheel housing”


It read the compression step

Namely the movement of the piston from the bottom dead point to the top dead point


Engine control unit will calculate related values according to the parameters read by two sensors

Then the results will be displayed as a graph on the Volvo PTT software.

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