How To Clean Throttle Body on 4 runner Toyotas 2005

This instruction will show you how to clean throttle body on 4 runner Toyotas 2005.

Here is cleaning procedure for other vehicles:

How to Clean Throttle Body for Mercedes Benz by Yourself

How To Clean Throttle Body By Yourself (Step By Step)



Before clean throttle body,you need to remove throttle body from your car.

Remove the intake hose going to the throttle body

Noted most of these cars are simple, the only ones that are a highlight for being slightly difficult is the 2ar and the 1ar fe engines, the 2.5 2.7 example is 2012-2017 camry, 2009-2018 rav 4 used in may other models. Those are a little difficult. Some of them will have a clamp, some of them will have a 10mm bolt for the clamp.


Take out throttle body


for reference , don’t push it with force like this, noted open it gently


Do not use screwdrivers to open and hold it up

Do not turn the car on and push the gas pedal down to open it

Prepare a rag and cleaner Toyota throttle plate cleaner

Do not use brake clean and other solvents degreasers, those leave a residue and that residue ends up inside the engine an then could damage your catalytic converter.


Spray a little bit cleaner on the rag and then open the throttle body,

Hold the top with your finger, then clean the bottom,this is a difficult part.


The basic idea here is we’re trying to clean where the butterfly contacts the body.

When you’re done with one side , next you’re going to clean the butterfly itself. It’s very hard to get it 100%, so do your best to clean it as best as possible.

After clean butterfly, we’re going to clean top.


When you’re done, give everything a quick wipe and push outside in case you got any loose pieces of carbon.

Check the cleaning result


More cases about Throttle body, please refer to AUTO THROTTLE.

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