FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self Learning Guide (Video)

I have written some article about Throttle show as below:

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If you want to get the info about the,click to read for more detail.And today,I will write another article on how to perform throttle body self-learning for FIAT 2012.And I will put the video at end of article,watch the video gudie for more details.


Procedure of FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self-learning:


Connect the X431 Pro to the vehicle,enter the menu and select the “FIAT”

FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self Learning Guide-1

Select FAT V34.62

FIAT series V34.62 ALL SYSTEMS

The software can diagnose the electric control system of FIAT series up to 2016,include engine/ABS/Airbag/Door lock/Immo/A.T./clinate control/instrumet panel

FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self Learning Guide-2

Communicating,please wait…

Select “Manually Select”

Select “New Model(Such as Freemont,500L,VIAGGIO,etc..)”

Select “500”

Select “2012”

Select “System Selection”

Roll down menu to select “Powertrain Control Module”

The the screen will show the version information.

Please pay more attention to the version,then select “OK”

FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self Learning Guide-3

Select “Special Function” it prompts that it will charge the status of the vehicle,press “OK”

Select “Misc Function”

The roll down the menu options to select “Throttle Body Self Learning”

It prompts that the ignition key should be in the run position with the egnine off.

It means that you turn your ignition to the “ON” position but do not start the engine.

FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self Learning Guide-4

Please wait…

It prompts that throttle body self-learning passed please log out.

FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self Learning Guide-5


FIAT 2012 Throttle Body Self-learning Video Guide:

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