Guide:How to Use CH341A USB Programmer

This instruction show you guide on how to use CH341A USB programmer.It is mini helpful programmer for you to work on 24 and 25 series chip (for car chip reading and writing).



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CH431A USB Programmer How to Use:

There are two LEDs lights on the programmer,one is red that it is a power indication.It has two lighting mode,one is bright and other one is deemed if the LED indicator lights up in the bright mode.This indicates that the USB programmer has enough power and everything is ok if the LED indicator lights off in the deemed mode.This indicate that your CH341A programmer connected to your BIOS chip on the wrong side and there is a short circuit you have to disconnect your BIOS chip and connect it other side.

The green indicator blinks when the programmer is reading or writing some data onto the chip.

There is also a bunch of switchs on the programmer to adjust the working mode of the programmer if you plan to use your CH341A with computer then don’t touch anything there just leave it as shown the picture.

Additionally you will find a small scheme which demonstrates how to install BIOS chips on the programmer from the scheme we can see that CH341A USB programmer can work with chips of 25 and 24 series (here for some car chip it work).There are two different sections one for 25 series another one for 24 series with two additional.You see example of a chip connected onto the flash programmer as well as a BIOS chip installed onto that USB flash programmer.



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