Newest FORScan v2.3.34 Android/iOS/Window Software Free Download

What is FORScan?

FORScan is software used in conjunction with a specific type of OBDII adapter that enables you to make changes to your truck’s default modules’ settings. Some popular things that can be changed are: adding heated and/or cooled seat icons & heated steering wheel to Sync 2 & Sync 3 home screen & climate menu, disabling the Powerpoint 12V timeout or setting it to whatever you want, adding engine/trans temps above the gauge, disabling the double honk, enabling autofold mirrors, enabling global window open/close , changing heated steering wheel to full hot, enabling radio to be turned on with vehicle completely off (2015’s), adding the ability to view/reply to text messages and enter NAV destination while in motion.

FORScan Android/iOS/Window Free Download


FORScan Features:

Detect vehicle on-board network configuration

Read and reset Diagnostic Trouble Codes from all modules

Reading of modules’ sensors’ data

Run test diagnostic procedures (not supported in FORScan Lite yet)

Run service procedures (not supported in FORScan Lite yet)


FORScan Supported Vehicle Models:

All Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles that can be addressed by supported adapters. It is 99% of models after 2000 and around 92% of models after 1996 (the year when OBD2 became a standart in USA).


FORScan Supported Adapters:


J2534 Pass-Thru

CANtieCAR (in “FORScan” mode)

OBDLink SX/MX (STN11xx)

ELS27 (STN1170)


FORScan Supported Modules:

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Anti-Lock Brake / Traction Control Module (ABS)

Hybrid Electronic Cluster (HEC)

Left High Intensity Discharge Lamp (LHID)

Right High Intensity Discharge Lamp (RHID)

Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM)

4X4 Control Module (4X4M)

Air Conditioning Control Module (ACCM)

Audio Control Module (ACM)

Audio Control Unit (ACU)

Alternative Fuel Control Module (AFCM)

Adaptive Front Lighting System / Auto Leveling Module (AFS/ALM)

Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)

Auxiliary Heater Control Module (AHCM)

Audio Interface Module (AIM)

Auto Leveling Module (ALM)

Amplifier Module (AM)

Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM)

Automatic Ride Control (ARC)

A-STOP System (No Idling System) (A-STOP)

All Terrain Control Module (ATCM)

All Wheel Drive Module (AWD)

Battery Charger Control Module (BCCM)

Battery Control Module (BCM)

Body Control Module (BCMii)

Body Control Module / Generic Electronic Module (BCM/GEM)

Body Control Module B (BCMB)

Battery Energy Control Module (BECM)

Body Electronic Module (BEM)

Bluetooth Phone Module (BPM)

Security module (CSM)

Blind Spot Monitoring (Left) (BSML)

Blind Spot Monitoring (Right) (BSMR)

Remote Climate Control (RCC)

Cruise-Control Module (CCM)

Circuit Deactivation Ignition Module (CDIM)

Compact Disc Player (CDP)

Instrument cluster (INST)

Column Lock Module (CLM)

Camera Module Rear (CMR)

Connectivity Master Unit (CMU)

Cellular Phone Module (CPM)

Central Timer Module (CTM)

Convergence Telematics Module (CTMii)

Digital Audio Broadcast Module (DABM)

Digital Audio Control Module C (DACMC)

DC to DC Converter Control Module (DCDC)

Driver/Dual Climate-Control Seat Module (DCSM)

Reductant Control Module (DCU)

Driver Door Control Unit (DFDM)

Drivers Door Module (DDM)

Driver’s Seat Module (DSM)

(Audio) Digital Signal Processing Module (DSP)

Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC)

Rader Brake Support (EBS)

Electronic Crash Sensor (ECS)

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

Electronic-Controlled Power Steering (EPS)

Anti-Lock Brake / Traction Control Module (ESOF)

Front Body Control Module (F_BCM)

Fuel Additive Control Module (FACM)

Front Control/Display Interface Module (FCDIM)

Front Controls Interface Module (FCIM)

Front Display Interface Module (FDIM)

Front Distance Sensing Module (FDSM)

Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module (FFH)

Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS)

Front Electronic Module (FEM)

Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM)

Fuel Indication Module (FIM)

Fuel Injection Pump (FIP)

Front Lighting Control Module (FLM)

Fuel Operated Heater (FOH)

Forward Sensing Camera (FSC)

Fire Suppression System Module (FSSM)

Folding Top Control Module (FTCM)

Generic Display Module (GDM)

Generic Electronic Module / Smart Junction Box (GEM/SJB)

Generic Electronic Module (GEM)

Generic Function Module (GFM)

Global Positioning System Module (GPSM)

Gear Shift Module (GSM)

Gateway Module A (GWM)

Headlamp Control Module (HCM)

Headlamp Control Module 2(B) (HCM2)

Headlamp Leveling Module (HD_LVL)

Instrument Cluster (IC)

HVAC Integrated Module (HIM)

Heated Steering Wheel Module (HSWM)

Head Up Display (HUD)

Heated Steering Wheel Module (HV)

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Integrated Air Bag Module (IABM)

Smart City Brake Support (ICA)

Intelligent Cruise Control Module (ICCM)

Information Center Module (ICM)

Injector Control Unit (ICU)

Interior Lighting Control Module (ILCM)

Instrument Panel Control Module (IPC)

Intelligent Power Distribution Module (IPDM)

Image Processing Module A (IPMA)

Lighting Control Module (LCM)

Left Power Sliding Door Module (LPSDM)

Liftgate / Trunk Module (LTM)

Message Center (MC)

Multifunction Steering Wheel (MFSW)

Multi-Information Display (MID)

Motor Pretensioner Module (MPM)

Navigation Controller (NAV)

Air Suspension (4WAS)

Air Conditioning (AC)

Cruise Control (CCM)

Steering Column Locking Module (SCLM)

4 Wheel Steering (WS4)

Next Generation Speed Control Module (NGSC)

Battery Control Module (OBD_BCM)

Fuel Injection Control Module (OBD_FICM)

Occupant Classification System Module (OCS)

Overhead Trip Computer (OTC)

Parking Aid Module (PAM)

Park Brake Control Module (PBM)

Passenger Climate-Control Seat Module (PCSM)

Passenger Climate-Control Seat Module 2 (rear) (PCSM2)

Passengers Door Control Unit (PDM)

Power Running Board (PRB)

Power Steering Control Module (PSCM)

Passenger Front Seat Module (PSM)

Rear Body Control Module (R_BCM)

Rear Audio Control Module (RACM)

Remote Anti-Theft / Personality Module (RAP)

Rear Air Suspension Module (RASM)

Rear Air Temperature Control (RATC)

Restraint Control Module (RCM)

Audio Rear Control Unit (RCU)

Rear Electronic Module (REM)

Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit Module (RESCU)

Rear Seat Entertainment Module (RETM)

Remote Function Actuator (RFA)

Rear Gate/Trunk Module (RGTM)

Retractable Hard Top (RHT)

Rear Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (RHVAC)

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)

Rear Lighting Control Module A (RLCMA)

Rear Left Door Control Unit (DRDM)

Right Power Sliding Door Module (RPSDM)

Rear Right Door Control Unit (PRDM)

Tire Pressure Monitor (RTM)

Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM)

Steering Angle Sensor Module (SASM)

Smart Brake Support/Mazda Radar Cruise Control (SBS/MRCC)

Steering Column Control Module (SCCM)

Steering Column/Instrument Panel/Lighting (SCIL)

Seat Control Module E (SCME)

Seat Control Module G (SCMG)

Seat Control Module H (SCMH)

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Satellite Digital Audio Receiver System (SDARS)

Steering Effort Control Module (SECM)

Secondary OBD Control Module A (SOBDM)

Secondary OBD Control Module C (SOBDMC)

Side Obstacle Detection Control Module – Left (SODL)

Side Obstacle Detection Control Module – Right (SODR)

Speech Recognition Module (SRM)

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Smart Start Unit (SSU)

Trailer Brake Control Module (TBC)

Energy Management Module (EMM)

Tracking and Blocking Module (TBM)

Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM)

Telematic Control Unit Module (TCU)

Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM)

Transmission Range Control Module (TRCM)

Trailer Module (TRM)

Variable Assist Power Steering (VAPS)

Vehicle Emergency Messaging System (VEMS)

Virtual Image Cluster (VIC)

Vehicle Security Module (VSM)


FORScan Support Protocols and Bus:


FORD MS CAN (only for J2534-2, CANtieCAR, OBDLink MX, ELS27 or modified ELM327)


FORD 9141

FORD UBP (only for Ford VCMII)



FORScan Installation Requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (COM, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi adapters)

iOS v6.0 and higher (WiFi adapters)

Android v4.0 and higher (Bluetooth and WiFi adapters)


FORScan Free Download:

FORScan Viewer for iOS – free, please use it to check compatibility before purchasing FORScan Lite for iOS

FORScan Demo for Android – free, please use it to check compatibility before purchasing FORScan Lite for Android

FORScan version 2.3.34 beta for Windows – free


FORScan Download Paid:

FORScan Lite 1.5.1 for iOS (Core 2.3.18) – Paid

FORScan Lite 1.3.5 for Android (Core 2.3.22) – Paid


FORScan Extended License Price:

Buy Extended License

1 year $10

3 years $20

5 years $30

Longlife $50

And you can get 2 months free trial extended license here:


How to Use FORScan?

FORScan License:Generate/Renew Extended FORScan License

How to Use FORScan to Backup Module Data File

How to Use FORScan to Program A New PAT Key by Yourself

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FORScan Configure Fuel Injectors on Duratorq HPCR Engine

How to Use FORScan:Manual,Reviews,Download

FORScan:Ford F150 Overhead Console Intrusion Sensor Retrofit

Ford F150 XLT Halogen to Non-King Ranch LED Tail Lamp Retrofit by FORScan

Ford F150 Screw OEM Power Fold Mirror Retrofit by FORScan

FORScan Solve Ford F150 2017 P160A After Changing Tire Size 17 or 18

FORScan Enable Ford F150 EcoBoost Auto Fold Mirror

FORScan Restore Body Control Module (BCM) for Ford F150 2016

FORScan Disable Double Horn Honk for Ford F150 EcoBoost

How to Install & Configure FORScan for OHP ELMconfig


FORScan Update Log:

2.3.24 beta, 2019-08-05

+ Vehicle database update
+ Some BdyCM module configuration parameters for:


  • Edge 2015-2019 model years
  • Expedition 2018-2019 model years
  • Lincoln Navigator 2018-2019 model years
  • Ka/Figo 2018 model year+ Some IPC module configuration parameters for:
  • Edge 2015-2019 model years
  • Expedition 2018-2019 model years
  • Explorer 2020 model year
  • Kuga/Escape 2017+ model years
  • Lincoln Navigator 2018-2019 model years+ Some APIM/SYNC3 configuration parameters
    + Configuration and programming procedure “Central configuration” for:
  • Escape 2019 model year
  • Transit (V363, North America market) 2019 model year+ Configuration and Programming function “Odometer write” (can only increase mileage!) for :
  • Explorer 2020 model year
  • Ranger 2011 model year
  • Ranger 2015-2019 model years (experimental)+ Configuration parameter “Engine Sound Enhancement” (enable/disable) for ACM modules of:
  • Ecosport 2018 model year
  • Fiesta 2017 model year
  • Focus Mk4 2018 model year
  • Ka/Figo 2018 model year+ Service function “PATS Programming” for:
  • Transit (North America) 2015-2016 model years+ Service procedure “DPF Static Regeneration”, “Reset the Diesel Particulate Filter Learned Values”, “Reset Differential Pressure Sensor Learned Values” for:
  • Everset 2.2/3.2 TDci 2015 model year
  • Mondeo 5 1.6/2.0 TDCi 2015 model year
  • S-Max 2.0 TDCi 2015 model year+ Service functions BdyCM “Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration”, (used for rear camera calibration but not only), “Tire Pressure Monitor learning mode”, PSCM “Calibrate Steering Angle Sensor”, RCM “Crash Flag Reset” for:
  • Expedition 2018-2019 model years
  • Explorer 2020 model year
  • Lincoln Navigator 2018-2019 model years+ returned back “Module initialization/relearn vehicle data” function for Mazda Skyactiv mistakenly removed in previous release
    * fixes and improvements in configuration and programming procedure “Trailer tow activation”
    * improvements in service function EPS “Calibrate Steering Angle Sensor” for Mazda 6 GH (after facelift): added important information about initial conditions. Thanks to Alexander (lightning)
    – crash bug during connection to diesel cars with FIP/ICU modules (Focus/Mondeo/Transit 1999-2005)
    – unability to write DDM/PDM As Built Data for:
  • Ecosport 2018 model year
  • Expedition 2018-2019 model years- unability to write IPC As Built Data for:
  • Focus Mk4 2019 model year (May-July)- bug in parsing some *.AB files

2.3.23 beta, 2019-06-29


  • + Vehicle database update
    + Several PCM module configuration parameters for new models with 2.0 TDCi engine:
  • Mondeo Mk5 2.0 TDCi 2015 model year
  • Galaxy/S-Max 2.0 TDCi 2015 model year
  • Transit/Tourneo Custom 2.0 TDCi 2016 model year+ Some BdyCM configuration parameters for:
  • Edge 2011-2014 model years
  • Escape 2013-2019 model years
  • Expedition 2015-2017 model years
  • Explorer 2011-2015 model years
  • F-150 2011-2014 model years
  • Focus 2011-2019 model years
  • F-Series (P473) 2011-2016 model years
  • Flex 2013-2019 model years
  • Kuga 2013-2019 model years
  • Taurus 2013-2019 model years
  • Lincoln MKS 2013-2016 model years
  • Lincoln MKT 2013-2019 model years
  • Lincoln MKX 2011-2015 model years
  • Lincoln Navigator 2015-2017 model years+ Some IPC module configuration parameters for:
  • Kuga/Escape 2017+ model years
  • F-150 2011-2014 model years+ Configuration and Programming function “PCM Vehicle ID block configuration” for some Ford and Mazda PCMs (experimental!), for example it works for Mazda 3 BL 1.6 Z6
    + Fuel Tank Size configuration parameters (in liters and gallons) to IPC module of:
  • F-150 2015-2019 model years
  • F-Series 2016-2019 model years+ Configuration and programming functions “Module initialization/relearn vehicle data” for ALL modules that may use Central Configuration + Service function RCM “Crash Flag Reset” for:
  • Transit V363 (EU) 2014-2018 model years
  • Transit V363 (NA) 2018-2019 model years+ Configuration and programming function ABS “Reset auxiliary Vehicle ID” (required when if new ABS module is installed) for:
  • Focus Mk2/C-Max 2003-2008 model years
  • Kuga Mk1 2008 model year+ Support for “large” As Built Data blocks (like in 2018 IPMB) and “big” block numbers (like 7E0-162-..)
    + Service function “PATS Programming” for Falcon FG 2008-2010 model years (fixed, tested and returned back to release)
    + Service function “ABS Service Bleed” for:
  • F-Series (P473 platform) 2011-2016 model years
  • Mustang 2011-2014 model years* updates in service procedures for newest (2018+ MY) models
    * Fixes and improvements in CAN communication procedure
    * Fixes and improvements in Central Configuration function for Fiesta family (Fiesta, Ecosport, B-Max…), added missing parameters like My Key, ASL etc
    * Fixed not correctly working functions “Calibrate Yaw Rate / Lateral Acceleration Sensor”, “Calibrate Brake Booster / Steering Angle Sensor” for:
  • Lincoln LS 2003-2006 model year- missing decoding for error 88 in function “Fuel Injector Pilot Correction Learn” for:
  • Transit 2.2/2.4/3.2 TDCi 2006 model year- bug in Central Configuration function: unability to write configuration after loading *.ab or *.cct file
    – Problems with writing As Built Data to RCM module in Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute 2008
    – Problems with writing As Built Data to some modules in Focus Mk4
    – bug in sending commands for some Output Control parameters



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