FORScan Reverse Tilt Mirror Calibration for Ford F150

Thank for the sharing from PlatinumOwner,he perform reverse tilt mirror calibration on his Ford F150.Here i put his experience,hope you can gain enlightenment.


Mine are working on my Explorer(and another Limited) after changing the first digit to F in DDM/PDM 740/1-03-01 and 740/1-13-01

Setting it was tricky and took a couple attempts, I also had to recall the memory setting when I was done.

FORScan Reverse Tilt Mirror Calibration:
1.Switch the ignition on
2.Press the memory button
3.Select the mirror you want to adjust
4.Put your vehicle into reverse (R) and let the mirror automatically tilt until it stops
5.When the mirror is in its tilted position and is no longer moving, adjust it with the controls
6.Hold the memory button for 5 seconds to save the setting
7.Press the mirror button and return to park (P)
8.Hold memory button again

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