How to Active Ford F150 Mirror Spotlights Wont Turn Off Stay On

Ford F150 XLT mirror spotlights are very useful for lighting up the areas around the truck. This could be helpful while camping or when driving off-road at night. If you open up the front doors, you can even use them as spot lighting to light up the area in front of the truck.But spotlights turn off when the truck exceeds 5mph or in other conditions,so here i want to share the method to active run your Ford F150 mirror spotlights when ever you want.

Ford F150 Mirror Spotlights Wont Turn Off Stay On

I saw a few posts regarding the LED spotlights on the mirrors and the inability to run them when desired. I decided to do some investigating this afternoon and found the location of the “Spotlight Control Module”. With the help of some diagrams I determined that the gray wire (pin 2) in the green connector receives 12v when the criteria of below 5mph and headlights on is met, from the BCM. I pulled the pin from the harness and jumped a wire from pin 1 (12v all the time) to the pin 2 location. Magically I can run the spotlights whenever I want! Picture attached for clarity. The module is located on a metal plate right by the accelerated pedal under the dash. Standard disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you break something or your vehicle doesn’t pass your local state inspection! Or if you get pulled over for running them on the highway.

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