Eaton TRSM1500 Output Yoke/Companion Flange and Nut Removal and Installation Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install output yoke/compannion flange and nut for Eaton TRSM1500 Transmisstion.


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Special Instructions

You must remove the shift bar housing in order to lock the transmission.

For proper cleaning and maintenance, see TRSM0912 – Rear Seal Maintenance Guide.

After removal of the output yoke/companion flange, temporarily replace the output shaft nut to protect the output shaft threads

during auxiliary section disassembly.




1.Engage two (2) main shaft sliding clutches into two (2) main shaft gears to lock the transmission, or use a yoke holding  tool if available.


2.Use a large breaker bar or air impact wrench to remove the output shaft nut.


3.Remove the output yoke. Use the output yoke puller (Tool ref. ID T1).




1.Engage two (2) main shaft sliding clutches into two (2) main shaft gears to lock the transmission or use a yoke holding tool if available.

2.Install the speedometer drive gear rotor or replacement spacer on the output shaft inside the rear bearing cover.

3.If the slinger on the yoke is damaged, replace using a Slinger/Seal kit.


4.Install the output yoke over the output shaft. The yoke should slide on and stop before contacting the speedometer rotor. As the output shaft nut is installed, the output yoke will

contact the speedometer rotor.


5.Install the output shaft nut, tighten to 650-700 Lb·ft of torque.

6.Make sure the output shaft nut is properly torqued and unlock the transmission, or remove the holding tool.


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