How to Remove/Install Oil Seal for Eaton Fuller Transmission Mechanical Speedometer

This instruction show you guide on how to remove oil seal for Eaton fuller heavy duty transmission.Prior to replacing the Seal, carefully inspect the Transmission to make sure the oil leakage is coming from the Seal.Pay particular attention to the Speedometer parts,the Rear Bearing Cover gasket surfaces,Rear Countershaft Bearing Covers,and Shift Bar Housing.


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Removal Procedure

1.Disconnect the Driveshaft and U-joint from the Output Yoke according to the OEM or Driveshaft Manufacturer’s instructions.

2.Shift the Transmission into 1st Gear or Low Gear (Low Range) to prevent the Output Yoke from turning when you loosen the Output Shaft Nut.

3.Remove the Output Shaft Nut using a 70 mm or 2 3/4″ socket. See “How to Remove Output Yoke/Companion Flange”.

4.Remove the Output Yoke. If necessary, use an Output Yoke Puller.


5.Remove the Seal sleeve.

6.Use RR1010TR Slide Hammer and RR1011-1 Attachment to remove the Seal. Or remove Output Bearing Cover and drive Seal out from front side. Note: The Seal will be damaged during removal and must be replaced.

7.Remove Seal Slinger from the Output Yoke using a Brass Drift and Hammer.

8.Inspect all parts of the Seal surface for wear, scratches, burrs, or other damage.

Note: Replace the Seal surface if it is worn or damaged. Do not attempt to salvage the Seal mating surface with Crocus Cloth, filing, etc.



Installation Procedures:

1.The Seal will be damaged during removal and must be replaced.

2.Place a Seal on the RR1001TR-2 Output Seal Driver,and drive the new Seal into the Rear Bearing Cover.

3.Install the new Slinger on the Output Yoke using the RR1001TR-4 Output Seal Slinger Driver.

4.Install the Output Yoke over the Output Shaft. The Yoke should slide on when the Splines are lined up. If it does not,clean the Splines with solvent, and oil them lightly.

5.Install the Output Nut and torque to 650–700 lb-ft (881.28–949.07 N•m).

6.Connect the Driveshaft and U-joint according to the OEM or Driveshaft Manufacturer’s instructions.


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