How to Change/Remove Detroit Diesel ECM Password by DDCT

This instruction show you guide on how to use DDCT (Detroit Diesel Calibration Tool) for Detroit Diesel engine ECM.


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Step 1: Run “Detroit Diesel Calibration Tool” as administrator:


Step 2: Go to comms and select upload calibration:


Step 3: The calibration will be loaded in the ddct, (properly routing the root metfiles)


Step 4: the ddct may show you warning windows like this:


Step 5: ddct will show you a window telling you that the calibration was successfully uploaded to the program.


Step 6: Deploy the following path: changeable options/passwords/ customer passwords/

How-to-ChangeRemove-Detroit-Diesel-ECM-Password-by-DDCT-6 How-to-ChangeRemove-Detroit-Diesel-ECM-Password-by-DDCT-7 How-to-ChangeRemove-Detroit-Diesel-ECM-Password-by-DDCT-8


Step 7: click on download calibration, the calibration will go to the ecm. with the changes in the password modified.


Step 8: click on download all parameters.


Step 9: password changed!!

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