Detroit EPA07 GHG14 Engine Fuel Pressure Measurement by Integrity Check

This instruction show you guide on how to use automatic fuel system integrity check function to measure fuel pressure for Detroit EPA07 10 GHG14 DDEC VI 10.This procedure is used to measure and record fuel pressures in the low pressure side of the fuel system at given locations and RPM. Once completed, it will provide electronic results that can be viewed in a DDDL log file.



Fuel Pressure test Plug (doser regulator)

Filter Cap (with test port)

Test Gauge, Priming Port

2024 Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link DDDL 8.19 8.09 Free Download

JPRO DLA+ 2.0 Adapter

NEXIQ USB Link Adapter




1.Install tool number W470589099100 Fuel Pressure Test Plug (doser regulator) into the high pressure flange. Refer to Tool Letter 11 TL-9 for installation instructions.


2.Install tool number W470589089100 Filter Cap (with test port) in place of the pre-filter cap and connect pressure gauge. Inspect pre-filter at this time. If the filter is plugged, clean or replace only this filter as needed.


3.If the module is equipped with a Low Pressure Pump Outlet (LPPO) fuel pressure sensor, Go to step 4. If the engine is not equipped with a LPPO fuel pressure sensor, install the priming port gauge J-48876 on the engine.


4.Turn on the ignition and connect to the MCM, CPC, and ACM (if applicable). Open the “Service Routines” tab in DDDL and open the service routine labeled Fuel System Integrity Check (FSIC).

5.Start the Automatic Fuel System Integrity Check (FSIC) routine and follow the instructions in DDDL diagnostic software.

6.Monitor the LPPO, fuel compensation pressure and LPPI while the FSIC is running. Refer to normal fuel system pressure chart.


7.LPPI and LPPO (if engine is not equipped with LPPO sensor) values should be added as a user event into the log file. Press CTRL, SHIFT, space bar at the same time and add the pressure reading from the gauge(s).


8.After pressure readings are obtained and recorded, return to original troubleshooting.


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