BMW N20 Valvetronic 135401 DME Trouble Solution

BMW N20 Valvetronic error cause engine warning light ON,power drops and the dashboard prompt error message “Transmission system failure”.

BMW N20 Valvetronic 135401 DME Trouble Solution


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Trouble Codes:

Fault Code: 135401
Fault Explanation: Valvetronic: overloaded amplifier


Fault Code: 1F0904

Internal activating Valvetronic malfunction.


Fault Code:133202

Valvetronic servomotor, activation: short circuit to ground


Fault Code:133011

Valvetronic supply voltage malfunction.


Fault Code:135608

Valvetronic: No movement identified” stored in the Digital Motor Electronics (DME)




Remove ECU from car,then open cover to get PCB

Replace TLE7183F motor driver chip

Replace Servo motor



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