G-scan2 Teach in Component Function Test on BMW X5 2009 Transmission

Here is a test report on how to use G-scan2 to perform “Tech-in Component” function on BMW X5 2009 transmission system.


Connect G-scan2 to BMW X5 2009,then enter the “Diagnosis” menu to select “BMW” to identify vehicle.

After vehicle identification,select “EGS(Electronic transmission management)”

Select “Special Function”

Select “Tech In Components”

Now it will show the instruction of Teach In Components

The teach-in function may have to be reset in the following cases:

–Trailer module retrofit

–Acc retrofit

–Incorrect installation of finial drive unit

–Incorrect installation of automatic transmission

–Replacement of szl control unit

Then select “OK” to continue

Then it will show “Complete” massage,it mean the component learning procedures complete.


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