OBDeleven Coding for Window Control by Remote Function

This instruction show you the customer coding case on how to use OBDeleven adapter to coding for windows control by remote function.


What You Need?

OBDeleven Pro VW OBD Adapter (Amazon)

OBDeleven VAG Car Diagnostics App Free Download



Connect OBDeleven Pro adapter to VW Golf R obd port,then build connection and run OBDelven APP on your mobile.

Here if it is your first to connect a new car,you need to select vehicle model and year

After then select “Apps” on OBDeleven


Then you will enter the VAG coding options menu,scroll down to select the options you want,here i locate the “Windows function from remote”


Select “ON”


You need to set the feature at head unit.

Car—>Setup–>Open and Close–>Conv.opening(all windows or drivers window)

OBDeleven-Coding-for-Window-Control-by-Remote-Function-5 OBDeleven-Coding-for-Window-Control-by-Remote-Function-6

Now you can use your key remote function on windows

OBDeleven-Coding-for-Window-Control-by-Remote-Function-7 OBDeleven-Coding-for-Window-Control-by-Remote-Function-8


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